G Suite Training

Interactive training and walkthroughs

  • G Suite Training is a Chrome extension, offering simple and interactive lessons to get you and your organization up and running fast with G Suite.
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Deploy to your entire organization

Using Chrome App management, you can provide the G Suite Training Chrome extension to your whole organization in a matter of minutes.

Get training inside G Suite applications

Access training directly from G Suite applications, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms, Google+, Groups and the Admin console.

Always up to date

When new features become available for G Suite, new training becomes available automatically.

24/7 support tool

Links to a specific training can be shared within your organization and used as a support tool to answer common questions.

Measurable impact

Reporting tools allow administrators to track training usage within your organization.

We have approximately 26,000 corporate employees using G Suite on a daily basis. G Suite Training presented an ideal, scalable training solution that will help our staff become more familiar with using these new tools. We are already seeing increases in employee engagement, productivity and flexibility.

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Top questions about G Suite Training

What languages is G Suite Training available in?

G Suite Training is available in English with limited support for Mandarin, Cantonese, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

How do I deploy G Suite Training to my organization?

You can use Chrome App management, found in your Admin console, to deploy the G Suite Training Chrome extension to your domain. Chrome App management is helpful if your domain has a large number of users or if your users are spread across multiple offices.

What browsers and devices are supported by G Suite Training?

Interactive training works on Chrome for desktop, and video-based training works on all modern browsers and devices, including mobile.