Ask any 20- or 30-something guy about Thrillist Media Group (TMG) and chances are he knows what you’re talking about. Based in New York City, the company uses JackThreads, an online retailer TMG purchased several years ago, to seamlessly blend lifestyle content from with e-commerce.

Five years ago, TMG was a small newsletter in a one-room office with 30 employees. Today, it’s a multi-propertied media group with 300 employees in two states and more than $100 million in revenue.

With employees spread out and working in such different roles, team collaboration is critical to TMG’s ability to share data, move nimbly and serve customers as one unified company. To merge the different brands — and connect teams at offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Columbus, Ohio — TMG relies on Google Cloud.

At Google’s recent Atmosphere Live event, Ben Darr, manager of product development at TMG, shared his company’s success story — a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork and tools that make work easier and faster.

We can now take the creative process into organized settings through Google Chat, Hangouts and Docs.”

—Ben Darr, Manager of Product Development, TMG

Connections and creativity

For TMG’s innovative business model to work, teams from both brands maintain constant communication throughout the creative process—from brainstorming and finalizing designs with clients, through to development and implementation. That’s where G Suite comes in.

"We can now take the creative process into organized settings through Google Chat, Hangouts and Docs" says Darr.

Fast, nimble ... and faster still

Speed matters in any business, especially media. As fashions and trends can change overnight, TMG staffers must share information and act on ideas quickly.

As Darr explains, “Brainstorming via Google [G Suite] makes us really fast ... which is crucial given our readership. Many times our readers don’t relate to a product until there’s a pressing reason they need it. So they’ll wake up and say, ‘Holy crap, it’s 45 degrees outside. I need a winter coat.’ We can write about these things, contextualize them and get people to buy right now.”

Easy-peasy apps

TMG also uses Google’s APIs to develop new apps that solve old problems—like the conference room shuffle. Employees can reserve conference rooms in advance, but for spontaneous team collaboration, they needed a better way to determine, on the spot, which rooms were available. So Ken Peltzer, the director of front-end development, built an app that shows available rooms in real time.

Whether TMG’s team is collaborating internally or connecting with customers, Google tools help them work together, meet customer demands and ultimately enjoy their jobs.

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