Join a program built for the cloud

What do I get?

Partner discount

Partners receive 20% off the annual list price of all products that can be sold via the Partner Console.

Partner Console

The Partner Console allows partners to centrally create, administer, and manage all customer accounts, manage ordering across SKUs, view order and invoice history, handle billing, and directly manage support cases with customers.


Partners receive sales, marketing, and deployment training, for both technical and non-technical roles.


Partners gain access to Google Cloud Connect, an exclusive partner portal with frequently updated tools and collateral for sales, marketing, and deployment, including regionally-specific materials.


Partners receive an official G Suite Partner badge for use in sales and marketing materials. Partners are also listed in our Partner Directory visible to potential customers globally.

Channel Support

Upon joining the program, every partner receives support to assist them on everything from on-boarding to resolving customer issues.

What is expected of me?

Find new customers

Lead generation and outreach activities, that are based on your expertise, are an important part of building a successful G Suite practice, leveraging local networks and expanding existing relationships.

Provide services

Differentiate yourself by providing solutions that bring unique value to your customers such as consulting, deployment, training, support, vendor integration, security management, mobile device management and many more.

Manage billing and pricing

Partners maintain full ownership of the billing and pricing relationship with their customers. We only bill partners directly, providing partners the flexibility to cleanly package together other products and services for their customers.

Continue to grow with G Suite

Become a Premier Partner

Growing your practice to a G Suite Premier Partner provides you with many more benefits, including increased engagement, visibility, and exclusive sales and marketing opportunities. This partnership level requires proven competency in G Suite through consistent customer success, an investment in certified professionals, and joint marketing.

Get certified

The G Suite Certification Program is targeted at G Suite Partners, providing certifications for both sales and deployment. Individuals who pass the exam receive a badge and certificate. The G Suite Sales Specialist exam certifies sales professionals who demonstrate the skill and knowledge required to sell G Suite. The G Suite Certified Deployment Specialist exam certifies IT professionals who demonstrate the fundamental skills and knowledge required to deploy, configure, and migrate to G Suite. More information about the G Suite Certification Program can be found here.

Expand offerings

Post-sales and support activities are a core component of a partner’s role, ensuring that the customer is fully adopting their deployed products and finding opportunities to improve their solution by upselling on the latest and greatest complementary Google solutions (e.g. Google Vault, Google Drive, Chromebooks, Chromebox for meetings).

How do I become a partner?

Apply to the program

In order to apply, you will be required to log in with a G Suite account with a minimum of one license. If you don't already have a G Suite account, you will need to purchase one before you apply.

Qualify for the program

To qualify for the Partner program, you must sell and deploy a minimum of 100 paid end-user accounts for a single business, or in total across multiple businesses. You will need to either purchase these licenses directly from on behalf of your customer(s) or have your customer(s) provide you the necessary details. Once you register at least 100 paid end-user accounts in Step 2 of the application process, we will initiate a credit check as the final step in the process.

Pass a credit check

As soon as your company has met the qualification requirements, we will run a credit check on your company. Note that you will likely be contacted for additional documents to support the credit check on your company if you are from Asia Pacific or Latin American countries. This may take around 5-7 business days. Upon completion of a successful credit check, we will offer you an official partner legal agreement. Additional details about the credit check can be found in the guidelines.