Customer Story


"We conducted a review and found Gmail best met our requirements. We found that the product – and the other, complementary intelligent apps in G Suite – were quick to setup and easy to adopt by our business and human resources teams, not just for the IT team."

Chandrasekaran Harikrishnan (Hari), Infrastructure Manager, MatchMove

A developer of secure digital wallet systems that businesses can rebrand and market to customers, MatchMove is growing and moving rapidly into new markets. Headquartered in Singapore, the vendor has offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines and the United States. The business – which increased employee numbers from 25 to 150 in 2016 – also plans to establish a presence in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. This expansion is testament to the boldness and ambition of the MatchMove team: the business started out in 2012 as a developer of online games and only moved into mobile wallets when building payment functionality into its games.

“We saw the potential of providing payment services to businesses as a product and that is why we moved away from gaming to become a fully fintech-focused company,” says Chandrasekaran Harikrishnan (Hari), Infrastructure Manager, MatchMove. “The key to our success is that we entered the market at the right time and even now, in the Singapore region, very few businesses provide similar services to us. The opportunities are considerable in developing markets such as Vietnam or in India, where the anti black-market demonetisation initiative in late 2016 that invalidated large notes created huge growth for digital wallet providers.” MatchMove provides a cloud-based ‘Wallet OS’ that enables businesses to provide digital wallets to customers that incorporate functionality such as peer-to-peer transfer, cross-border money transfers, top-up channels, virtual payment cards, loyalty points and rewards and promotions. The business also offers the myWallet virtual wallet application that allows customers without access to credit cards or online bank accounts to make payments with a prepaid MasterCard, and Boss Mobile Money, a mobile money remittance product.

When MatchMove first started operations as a games company in 2012, the founders wanted the team to focus on the core business rather than on deploying and maintaining internal productivity tools. “We conducted a review and found Gmail best met our requirements,” says Hari. “We found that the product – and the other, complementary intelligent apps in G Suite – were quick to set up and easy to adopt by our business and human resources teams, not just for the IT team.” Gmail enabled MatchMove to customize its email addresses to communicate professionally with customers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, the MatchMove team could access email messages on mobile devices as required, improving responsiveness to queries from team members, partners and customers.

Gmail also incorporated unlimited group email addresses, enabling MatchMove to seamlessly provide accounts to new hires as the business expanded. Google’s 99.9 percent-plus uptime and 24 hour per day, seven day per week support for the service also minimized the risk of disruptions that could slow operations, lower the productivity of its employees and compromise customer experiences. As MatchMove moved into the fintech business, the automated backups and security features provided by Google became increasingly important. “As a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)-compliant organization, we are extremely conscious of the need for security across our operations, ranging from external production to our internal IT productivity tools,” explains Hari. “We closely reviewed Gmail and other G Suite products to ensure they met our stringent security requirements.”

Planning and prioritizing software releases: MatchMove subsequently extended its use of G Suite to manage important activities such as disseminating information about new releases of its core software. Scrum masters in MatchMove’s agile development teams and other business stakeholders use Google Sheets to collaborate on and plan for upcoming core releases. “Collaboration is key to our startup culture, and we use Google Sheets to review release planning across multiple departments. So when our scrum masters create project schedules and plans, even our Chief Executive Officer can view, comment on and adjust them on Google Sheets,” says David Tng, Digital Marketing Senior Executive, MatchMove.

Securely store critical infrastructure documents: the IT team uses Google Drive to store documents regarding configurations, architectures, designs and templates for the cloud-based infrastructure that runs the company’s digital wallet systems. Google Calendar enables MatchMove employees to set appointments and receive reminders, while Google Hangouts Meet allows employees to collaborate with colleagues in different offices or other locations. MatchMove is keen to build on its use of G Suite as new features are added and the tools continue to remain reliable and available. The business is considering upgrading to G Suite Enterprise to access functionality such as backup and archiving and data loss prevention to scan inbound and outbound email traffic and quarantine or reject the message if suspect content is detected. “G Suite has been an excellent enabler of our business and its success to date,” says Hari. “It’s been an extremely positive experience using the product so far.”